Egg Chair Pet Hanging Chair/Bed KM-33




The secret to a happy pet  is a when they are well-rested . Your pet will enjoy having a wicker  bed to call their own.

Let your pet enjoy their hanging  bed and save your fashionable furniture from their ‘extra attention’. Your pet will love this even more than their current objects of attention.

This pet hanging bed  is not only perfect for your pet but it adds style  for your home too.  It will suit your lovely modern home.

Stop moisture build-up to improve your Pet’s sleeping health. Your Pet bed gets fresh air every time they leave it. This stops odours and other nasties building up.

This will suit even larger Pet’s. The frame is rather quite sturdy and easy to move around your house. Easy to clean and maintain.

Key Features

  • Egg-shaped design
  • Soft cushion
  • Up to 25 kg
  • Stable iron base
  • Good air circulation
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • Smooth surface
  • For all season
  • Easy to clean


Brand: K&M Furniture Mart

Material: PE Iron and oxford cloth

Dimension Basket : 92 cm H x 72cm W  x 60 cm D

Dimension Stand : 130 cm H x 58 cm Round Base


  • 1x  Cat Bed Basket
  • 1x Stand to hang the chair
  • 1x Cushion For Comfortable sitting

Additional information

Weight 12.00 kg
Dimensions 92 × 72 × 60 cm


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